a geospatial writing platform

Spatialmate is a sharing platform for geospatial data and lessons for earth science fields.

This platform was made by a bunch of people who love geospatial topic, its technology and development. GIS and Remote Sensing fields are quite fresh for Indonesian market, thus we received several difficult moments in our work as the employers did not truly understand what the technology is able of. We need to create a fresh environment to control the market of geospatial manpower in Indonesia, hence this site. We also expect for growing purposes of this site since it is only made for specific, writing purpose, yet not making border for growing potential.

M. Randy Aswin

Current : Data Analyst and Backend Programmer
PT. Bhumi Varta Technology
Phone : +62 816-4228-656

Azzadiva R. Sawungrana

Current : Product Manager
PT. Bhumi Varta Technology
Phone : +62 857-2915-3205

Dzimar Akbarur R.P.

Current : GIS Specialist
The Nature Conservancy
Phone : +62 898-6562-573

Rifqi Fathurrahman

Current : GIS Officer
Phone : +62 857-4347-9889

Habib Sidiq A.

Current : Surveyor Pemetaan
Badan Informasi Geospasial
Republik Indonesia
Phone : +62 858-7812-9249

Fajar Dewangga

Current : GIS Analyst
Badan Restorasi Gambut
Republik Indonesia
Phone : +62 812-2607-4794

Sry Handini Puteri

Current : Geographic Information System Intern
Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC)
Phone : +62 852-4127-5899


Current : GIS, Data, Systems and GHG Analyst
Daemeter Consulting

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